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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have been directed here, it is because you asked a question we get a often. This page allows us to spend more time making holsters and less time answering questions. Do not take offense to it, if you still have a question, feel free to email.


  1. My order status states “Awaiting fulfillment” what does that mean?

    This means we have received the order, the transaction has been processed and you are in the order queue. Orders are made in the order received, short of Rush Orders.

  2. What is the status of my order/what is your current lead time?

    Our current lead time is 1-2 weeks. With sales and large order volumes we are pushing to ship orders within 14 days. Some things are out of our control (availability of special patterns, etc.) Emailing us prior to the end of your lead time adds delays to your order as well as others. We are a one man shop and sometimes my wife steps in to answer emails. Time spent answering emails that have a posted answer takes away from progress.

  3. Why can't I cancel my order?

    Once an order is received we order the materials for it. Yes they can be used on other holsters, but the fees we incur through transactions, and the amount of money we have lost due bad dealings with banks and credit card companies has left us “holding the bag” more times than not. We won't charge a cancellation fee where we keep your money and you get nothing. We will work with you to change a holster type or firearm type, but please insure your options are correct before ordering.

  4. When will you offer XXX mold?

    We currently aren't ordering new molds. We are re-stocking old molds with CNC designed molds and refuse to use sub-par molds when the technology exists for superior fit, feel, and definition.

  5. Do you offer MIL/LEO discount?

    Yes we do, we are proud to support those who serve. M3 is a veteran owned company and is currently run by a LEO husband and wife team. Please send a picture of your current credentials/ID Card to m3tacticalkydex@gmail.com for the discount code. 


  6. Can I order xxx piece or a replacement piece of hardware from you?                              We do not sell individual pieces of hardware or clips. This is to help the lead times stay low. We will however provide a source. http://www.shopdiyholster.com/ has almost all of the supplies that you could need replaced and offers free shipping on most orders. 


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